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Company Profile

At Hengtai Alloy Materials Co., Ltd, we are more than just manufacturers – we are innovators, leaders, and your trusted partner in the world of alloy materials. With a relentless commitment to product research and development, sales excellence, and brand marketing, we have emerged as a prominent player in the industry.

Our Product Range:

  • Nodulants (FeSiMg): Our nodulants, such as Ferrosilicon Magnesium (FeSiMg), play a crucial role in the production of ductile iron and other cast iron alloys. They facilitate the formation of spherical graphite, enhancing the mechanical properties and ductility of the material.

  • Inoculants (FeSiBa, FeSiSr, FeSi, etc): Inoculants are used to refine the microstructure of metals, particularly in the casting industry. These materials promote better nucleation and control over grain size, resulting in improved casting quality and mechanical strength.

  • Cored Wire: Cored wire solutions are designed for precise alloying and inoculation of molten metal. They are used in various metallurgical processes, ensuring consistent and controlled alloy composition.

  • Magnesium Ingot: Magnesium ingots are widely utilized in aerospace, automotive, and construction industries due to their lightweight, high-strength properties. They are essential in the production of magnesium-based alloys.

  • Electrolytic Manganese: Electrolytic manganese is a key ingredient in the production of steel and non-ferrous alloys. It imparts desirable properties such as strength and corrosion resistance to the final product.

  • Silicon Metal Powder: Silicon metal powder is employed in the production of aluminum alloys, silicones, and electronic components. Its high purity and controlled particle size make it indispensable in various industries.

  • Other Alloy Materials: Explore our wide array of alloy materials, each catering to specific industrial applications, including aerospace, automotive, and construction, among others.

Our Infrastructure: Spanning across 30,000 square meters, our strategically located facilities in Shandong and Qinghai Province provide us with a competitive edge in production and transportation. Equipped with four state-of-the-art 500KG medium frequency furnaces, we boast an annual production capacity of 17,000 tons of Nodulant and 20,000 tons of Inoculants. Our commitment to quality is certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

Global Reach: As a factory, Hengtai Alloy is not confined by borders. Our strong R&D capabilities have propelled us to become a global supplier of Nodulant and Inoculants. We proudly export our products to discerning clients in Chile, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and more.

Our Promise: At Hengtai Alloy, superior quality products and professional technical service are not mere commitments; they are our foundation. Our dedicated team ensures your orders are meticulously handled from production to transportation, guaranteeing your satisfaction. We extend an invitation to visit our factory and experience our commitment firsthand. Just communicate your requirements, and we will take care of the rest.

Hengtai Alloy – Your Trusted Partner: We understand the importance of trust in business relationships. With a legacy of excellence, a global footprint, and an unwavering dedication to your success, Hengtai Alloy Materials Co., Ltd stands as your most trustable partner in the realm of alloy materials.


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